Dance Styles


The popularity of Jazz dance has evolved from the early 1900’s when Jazz music invaded the sound waves of the radio. The key elements to the Jazz style are syncopation, individual style, and improvisation. The changing musical beat offers an interpretative edge and excitement for the dancer and the choreographer. Jazz dance directly expresses the music.
The studio teaches in the American, Commercial Style. Classes include: warm-up exercises with some ballet technique, isolations, combinations, and choreography. Some Lyrical and Modern dance are also integrated into specific classes.
Classes are taught to current Pop music.


Easily recognized, Tap Dance is distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. A uniquely American theatrical style of dance, it originally came from blending the diversity of America’s earliest settlers from Ireland, Britain, Europe, and the slaves from Africa. Two techniques, slow dance in leather-soled shoes and the faster style in wooden sole shoes were eventually combined in the 1920’s to the introduction of the metal plates or taps used today.
Our Studio uses a barre and center floor warm-up focussing on clean footwork, techniques, and basic rhythms. Classes incorporate movements from ballet, jazz, and modern dance.
Classes are taught to Techno, Upbeat, Fast-paced, Tap Rhythmic Music


Ballet is the foundation for all other dance techniques.
Its history began in Renaissance Italy where groups of dancers performed a story put to music. Through the centuries, ballet has transcended the barriers of language evolving into a studied discipline that is recognized worldwide.
Our studio teaches standard ballet technique and alignment. Classes include: barre exercises, center floor work, and across the floor combinations. Instructors use a combination of all ballet syllabuses.
Classes are traditionally non-lyrical up to the performance level.

Hip Hop

Originating from the South Bronx of New York City in the mid 1970’s this style encompasses rap music, break dancing, and graffiti art. Developed within the subculture of the Black and Puerto Rican communities, Hip Hop has become a non-violent alternative way to express one’s self. Through music videos, the Hip Hop style of dance and music has achieved phenomenon success among the youth of today.
Our Studio commences all classes with a centre floor warm-up to prevent injury. The hottest, most popular dance steps that are featured in current music videos create a funky and fun dance class for hip hop music enthusiasts.
Classes are taught to non-offensive Rap/Hip Hop music.